Technical - Architecture

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This provides high level structure of technical architecture needed for the gxp.


Tech Requirements

Following is a list of TODO’s of things that needed in the architecture, add things here as ideas if you don’t have tools for them yet.

  • Analytics across all API’s and UI’s
  • Token transactions


Following are principals for building out this architecture

  • OpenSource, with Apache 2.0 license as much as possible as it will be most likeley people will commit to, need to have good GitHub presence.
  • Lightweight, keep things as light and fast as possible to minimise ram usage, good language choice for maintainability GO, C++, Node
  • Integration, need to be able to be easily and simply integrate ito other tools
  • API and Config, API first, must be able to control the tech with API, failing that config files that will have API on top of it


This diagram has the following layers for segregating perspectives

  • Experience - where not obvious call out experiences that are foundational
  • Architecture - major capability and matching technology stack


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