Model - Layers

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Each of the high-level structure of information domains needs to be viewed with an information quality perspective. This would allow linking data in each domain to underlying information and would enable assessment of quality for each structure.

The quality perspective extends to object metadata, relationships and leverage of data for multiple purposes; this allows information value to increase by further institutionalising its usage into the organisation. Viewing information structure with quality perspective allows determining the value of information used. This allows for better decision making and assessment of unknowns.

This approach also allows for gradual learning of information without needing to dive deep into information structured. In essence, this allows the progressive and gradual building of finite structures by converting knowledge into information over time and avoiding a more traditional all-or-nothing approach.

Current perspective follows these levels:

  • Conceptual - the highest level of abstraction of information with the lowest value if not connected to other layers.
  • Logical - logical definition of the physical layer into information domains.
  • Physical - tangible aspects of information used and consumed by the organisation.



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