Governance Evolution

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The evolution of the term governance in its many perspectives is being driven by the need to establish a predictive and repeatable governance norm. Efforts at clarification to date have been a multitude of disparate normative and prescriptive frameworks, and a governance norm still does not exist despite the unprecedented dedication of research to the concept (Hufty, 2009).

Although the development of patterns, mechanisms, standards and definitions are supported by pragmatic experimentation involving the implementation of these concepts in a mixture of sophisticated frameworks, observations may be contrary to Governance concept fundamentals. In fact, according to Hufty, Governance is not a normative or a prescriptive concept; it is a fundamental social fact that has characteristics which can be analysed and interpreted (Hufty, 2009). Therefore the evolution of governance into forms of normative and prescriptive frameworks is contrary to the governance concept and these frameworks should be products of governance analysis and be part of a wider range of governance functions (Balloni & Bermejo, 2010).


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